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Model 1152070

Circuit type: Advanced Pulse Induction technology, automatic cancellation of salt/ground mineralization

* All Metal Deepseeking Mode
* Audio Threshold, Adjustable
* Audio Tone ID
* Discrimination, Full Range (PI)

* Frequency, Adjustable
* Ground Balance, Automatic Ground Tracking
* Hip Mount Control Box

* Microprocessor Controlled
* Salt Elimination Mode (PI)
* Surface Mount PC Board Technology

World's most powerful pulse induction machine - 96 frequencies

If you prefer the road less traveled, far removed from the concrete jungles of civilization where man is but a mere guest of nature, then the Infinium LS is the detector for you. Whether it's 200 feet below the sea or on top of the snow-peaked mountain, the Infinium LS pushes ahead in those rugged, mineralized conditions where other detectors crumble.

Looking for gold in Australia or Arizona? Searching volcanic rock slides of the Pacific Northwest or the black-sand beaches along Italy's coast? Then take the Infinium LS. And the waterproof design of the Infinium LS ("L" for land, "S" for sea) makes it the first metal detector highly recommended for both land detecting and underwater diving.

This Infinium LS package includes a Infinium LS detector, land headphones, 10 x 14" Power DD PROformance Series Coil, hip mount and belt, and instructional video. Model (1152070) Price is $1,250.00.

Additional Specifications:

* Multiple Frequency Technology - 96 Frequencies
*Detection Frequency: 730 pulses per second, adjustable
* Submersion depth: Up to 200 feet (65 meters)
* Buoyancy: Near neutral
* Batteries: 8 AA
* Battery life: Alkaline (included): 10-15 hours Rechargeable (included) 7-10 hours
* Battery re-charger for AC and Automobile (included)
* Control housing weight: 31 oz.
* Headphones: 16 oz.

Operating weight:

* Weight: 3.8 lbs. (1.7 kgs.)

Underwater headphones for diving
may be purchased separately.

Garrett 2 Year Warranty
Made In USA

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