Best "Dowsing Rods" or "Divining Rods"
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anderson dowsing rod for buried treasure

This website is a Guide to the Best Dowsing Instruments available today.

Dowsing Rods (Directional Locators) have been successfully used for hundreds of years to locate buried treasures, lost treasures and mineral deposits. History tells us of the use of dowsing instruments by the early Spanish explorers throughout the mineral-rich areas of this hemisphere.

While they found and removed untold billions of treasure and mineral deposits without reliance upon electronic metal detectors or other modern devices today's Anderson Rods' make it easy for you to make your lost treasure hunt successful. Writings and illustrations of the use of crude dowsing rods can be found in literature dating back hundreds of years.

Crude dowsing rods (mostly "L-rods") were used by American soldiers in Vietnam to locate enemy land mines and ammunition caches. Many of the field crews for various utility departments use L-rods (dowsing rods) to find water mains, gas pipes and underground electrical wires.

So dowsing is not a new method but new instruments have evolved and the best ones available today represent vast improvements over the crude instruments available a few years ago. As you are looking for your gold detector, your buried treasure, your lost treasure, or dowsing for gold, you will find your BEST dowsing rod in one of the next few pages.

Some people call Dowsing Rods "Divining Rods".

find buried treasure with dowsing

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